Meet Elizabeth – from Student Nurse to RN, this is her story…

If you would’ve told me in 2014 that Alpha Nursing, the agency I would soon be employed by, would be my employer for the next seven years and for the foreseeable future, I would not have believed you. At the time, I never thought I would be able to become confident in providing safe and holistic care to healthcare consumers. With the right support from Alpha Nursing however, today I can confidently call myself a Registered Nurse who is able to provide clients with safe, compassionate, and holistic care.

My journey began as a PCA. I had just completed my third clinical experience, within my diploma of Nursing, when I decided Alpha Nursing was the right agency for me. I made this decision because I was able to see Alpha staff, both PCAs and Nurses, diligently working with such integrity and compassion within the different sectors of the health care system. They are trusted throughout the industry and receive excellent reviews whenever I would ask permanent staff who or what was Alpha Nursing.

The application process and initial interview was a breeze. I was made to feel welcome, and Alpha Nursing was able to answer every question I had. There was no question or concern too silly or small, they simply took the time and effort to listen to and support me. This has continued throughout my employment.

My first shift was in an Aged Care home as a PCA and my most recent was as a Registered Nurse within the home and community sector.

As a previous nursing student, the experience gained as a PCA was ever so valuable. I have the confidence to utilise skills learned within my clinical experiences and academic studies, to direct my focus and energies towards grasping new learning opportunities. This has further aided me in my current position of registered nurse.

I have loved every moment of my employment. I have the freedom to decide when and where I’d like to work, I also have the support of the office staff (who are just a call away should I have a question or concern or just need a quick debrief). I also have the opportunity to further develop my skills either within aged care, acute care or community home care.

If you were to ask me today, where do you see yourself in seven years, without a second thought, I would answer “working with Alpha”, the opportunities are endless.


Elizabeth Navarro, Registered Nurse

Alpha Nursing, August 2021

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