Privacy Policy

Alpha values and respects the privacy of this website’s visitors and of anyone who contacts us. This website does not promote online surveys nor sends bulletins by email without authorisation of the recipients. This website uses cookies (files that store information about visitors to a website) to obtain statistical information only. With such information it is not possible to identify any users. Any personal data in any mail or email sent to Alpha is solely used to provide information as requested. Personal details are maintained as required by the Privacy Act 1988 and the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

The information you supply will not be supplied to any other third party, under any circumstances unless directed by government legislation or to obtain work on your behalf with clients, other employment opportunities or for statutory reporting / requirements such as superannuation administration or banking requirements. The completion and signing of the application form provides your consent to approach any named party / referee on the application form, to verify the information that you have provided. Alpha has procedures and policies in place on how your information is handled, who is allowed to access your information and where the information will be stored, managed and retained.

If you wish to review the information that Alpha Services has retained about you then you will need to apply in writing to the Privacy Coordinator, Alpha Services Australia P/L P.O. Box 115 Keilor East, Melbourne VIC 3033 or obtain an information access / change application form from the office and complete all details. You can also click here to download this form.

Incomplete or ambiguous applications may cause the request to be rejected. The application process does not guarantee automatic access to the information. The request is reviewed and if accepted, the information is provided to the requesting person; if not, then the request is refused.
If you request that you be sent a copy of document(s) or would like us to send a copy of document(s) to a third party then we would take steps to verify your identity even if the person who has answered the telephone knows you, so that we can record this event on your file and provide you with your information in compliance with the current Privacy Act and the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Any request to change information must be supported in writing with substantiated records / documentation to validate the request. This will be reviewed and once accepted, our database will be updated with the supplied information and the documentation filed with your other records.

Alpha Services has developed and continues to update procedures, policies and forms for the management of the personal information and to ensure compliance to the Privacy legislation; and on an ongoing basis. Click here to download a copy of our policy.