Home Care & Nursing

We understand that continuing your independence in your own home or residence is important, which is why Alpha Nursing can provide private home carers and nurses to assist with any tasks that may be impacting on your quality of life or your ability to remain in your own home.

From 2 hours to complete 24/7 in home nursing care or anything in between, we have fully qualified nurses and carers that can come to you.

Disability Support

A carer from Alpha Nursing can assist you in your home to complete any daily living and personal hygiene tasks that may be holding you back and impacting on your quality of life.

Our carers have a diverse range of backgrounds and with specialities including aged care, disability care and community care we're certain to find the right fit for you.

Find out more about how a carer from Alpha Nursing can assist you in your home



Hospital in the Home

Returning home after surgery or a long stay? Do you still require wound care or assistance recovering? We can help by providing a fully qualified nurse or carer to assist you with all of your post hospital care in your own home.

With excellent rates and staff available throughout Melbourne we're sure to be able to help in your area.

Appointment & family outing escorts

Don't miss out on life's most important moments. If you have a medical appointment, family outing or any other reason you need to leave the house then Alpha Nursing can help. A carer or nurse can come to you and assist you with getting ready for and attending your appointment.

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Palliative Care

We understand that remaining at home promotes a better quality of life and ensures that your loved ones feel more comfortable during this time. If you require a nurse or carer to assist with caring for your loved one Alpha Nursing can help.

We can work with other providers to ensure that your loved one receives the care that they need.