How to maximise your care by controlling your funding


In this brave new world of Consumer Directed Care (CDC), there are many pitfalls associated with hidden fees and charges. It’s important to understand exactly what you are paying for, and that you’re getting the most value out of the funding you have. If you’ve ever run a business or a home, you can know how to do this! It’s simply being able to shop around and find what suits you best.

The power of Consumer Directed Care is that care recipients can nominate:

  • When they want care (no more waiting half a day for a shower);
  • Who they want to provide their care (i.e. their Government funding can now pay for premium private providers like Alpha Nursing.);
  • What type of care would best suit their needs;
  • The level of involvement they want to have in the management of their Government Subsidised in Home Care Package.

If you or someone you trust implicitly is willing to manage your package, major savings can be made. You can also negotiate with package providers to gain a discount for your business. D.I.Y. is known as self-managed. By choosing a self-managed package, they can reduce the administration and case management fees substantially. This means their package buys more hours of care, which also means more respite from care for the main carer. A small investment for a great return!

When you choose Alpha Nursing to provide the care, paid for by your Government Subsidised in Home Care Package, we can review your Approved Provider ‘proposed budget’ and / or monthly statements with you to ensure the fees you are paying are reasonable. More often than not, we can increase the number of hours of care / respite the Government pays for – that’s the power of Consumer Directed Care. You get more for the same money. More care, more cleaning or more companionship.

If you’re interested in seeing how Alpha Nursing can help stretch your dollar further, please contact us